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NLP – neurolinguistic programming – is one of the most exciting, easy-to-learn, yet advanced, mind technologies available. If you want to bolster your confidence, control your thinking to your own advantage or really connect with your clients on their journey to confident riding, this equestrian NLP workshop is just for you.

(If you are a BHS APC, you can claim 4 CPD accreditation points for this course )

Improving mental skills and mental preparations is paramount for riders; it’s equally as important as the physical aspects of riding. Riding without an effective mindset is hard and can whittle away any enjoyment. However, one of the great benefits of a mindset for success is that as your psychological approach improves, so too does your physicality. It’s the perfect win-win!

Thursday 21st March 10am-3:30pm on Zoom £75 per personThe link is https://traceycolenlp.com/product/equestrian-nlp-workshop/

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