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Polo is a global HNW sport made up of a series of individuals, clubs, events, and opportunities, all combining a shared passion for the sport around the world. Polo attracts a highly desirable and sought after clientele and audience to one sport.

As a prestigious sport universally associated with an exceptional way of life, we believe in the power of polo and the curation of powerful partnerships and critical communications and collaborations.

Polonetworks has over 20 years’ experience in the sport, collaborating globally with all stakeholders, rightsholders, sponsors and supporters.

Previous experience includes:

• Designed and launched a global membership body and commercial arm for the sport of Polo
• Designed a direct membership model for the industry, a first of a kind restructure for the industry
• Advised the Governing Body on the future structure and commercialisation of the sport, including their own future structure, remit and objectives
• Built commercial capabilities for the sport; managing partners, stakeholders, introducing and managing new sponsors and licensing programmes
• Built the first international membership directory in the sport
• Designed and managed a network of communication between players and clubs globally with online and offline programmes
• Launched a series of new events and initiatives across City Polo, Women’s Polo, Junior Polo and Arena Polo