Virtual Equine Show – Opportunities Accessible 24/7

Want to showcase your equine services or products? Need to grow your digital presence & exposure? Well look no further than our global equine online community platform, our virtual exhibition allows visitors to access your virtual space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Story.

EquineShow247 is an equine exhibition platform that showcases equine suppliers and services along with advice and support from the market leaders.

EquineShow247 is virtual exhibition community platform where there are no restrictive financial barriers to exhibiting. A place where all companies have equal status and a place that is accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world and free to visitors to access. We believe that the current marketing opportunities for equine exhibitors provides financial challenges for many and potentially restricts the amount of visibility they get. The time taken to attend events can be an impact to a company. Therefore, we have provided a solution that is easy, flexible and cost effective along with environmentally friendly that showcases products and services within the equine industry.

Equineshow247 overview Equine online exhibition

Our Objective.

With this is mind, we set out to make something different:

  • An online digital community where anyone can get easy access and information on every exhibitor in the equine space
  • A community where there is no restrictive financial entry barrier to have a presence.
  • A community where all exhibitors have an equal status.
  • A community that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • A community that provides added value additional information, such as talks, webinars, reports and more.

So, here’s what we have created…

A virtual equine exhibition open 24/7

equineshow247 exhibition foyer

The Concept.

The new exhibition concept offers equestrian companies to gain exposure and brand recognition in a virtual exhibition that is sustainable and environmental way. Visitors can view exhibitors without registering or paying to get information which is available 24/7 from their homes, on trains and having access to blogs, seminars and industry related articles all in one place. The exhibition hall has been designed to reflect the different sectors within the equine industry such as polo, riders clothing, horse equipment, nutrition, eventing, showjumping, dressage, equine education, learning and development, equine feeds, polo, racing , yard and stable suppliers. All these provide visitors easy access to explore equine exhibitors.

What do we offer?

The EquineShow247 exhibition hall allows exhibitors to showcase their equine brands, and allow visitors to browse dedicated floors such as Riding equipment, dressage, nutrition, yard and stable and much more. With equine suppliers and services looking to be more sustainable in their brands and with their marketing, EquineShow247 is the one stop virtual exhibition place to create exposure in a ecological method.

Your Virtual Space.

It’s no different from a real physical exhibition. Your virtual space is branded for you in your colours and with your logos, plus all of your promotional materials available to our visitors. You can customise your space whenever you want, so if you have a new product or a new logo to unveil, you can easily add this via the Client Profile.

Explore our blog.

The EquineShow247 blog provides tips, advice, guides and interviews on all things equine.

Exhibitors can upload one blog per month to be published on the platform and shared via our social media channels.

Equineshow247 overview laptop

Watch seminars.

The EquineShow247 Seminar Room provides advice, presentations and interviews on all things equine. Exhibitors can upload one seminar per month to be published on the platform and shared via our social media channels.

Equineshow247 overview jobs board mobile

Post vacancies to the Jobs Board.

The EquineShow247 Jobs Board provides access to vacancies in the equine industry. Exhibitors have the ability to advertise unlimited positions for members of the community and seek direct applications.

Connect with us.

Head over to all the major social channels and follow @EquineShow247 where you’ll find us sharing community members content, as well as news and insight from the Equine industry

Become a member of our Virtual Equine Exhibition.

If you’d like to join this growing community, get in touch with the team via the contact page, chat facility or email us at


VirtualExpo247 is an enabling platform for online communities in all industries.

For more information about our Virtual Expo’s click here.

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