Then why not try polo?

Numerous studies have been conducted regarding the benefits of horses on both physical and mental health. One such study was published by the British Horse Society, concluding that horse riding reduced depression by 30%, lowered the risk of dementia by 30%, and improved overall quality of life.

The physical benefits of working with horses are well known. Being outside on a ride can be excellent cardio exercise, as well as improving your core strength and balance, but working with horses doesn’t just benefit your physical health. It also helps to improve your mental health too.

Many people find that participating in horse riding helps them ease their symptoms and boosts their mood. Respondents to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health stated that participating on horseback is more beneficial for their emotional health than their physical health.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”
Winston S Churchill

Taking part in horse riding is a great way of meeting like-minded individuals and encouraging you to get out there and meet new people. This makes horse riding perfect for people who suffer from conditions that make them feel anxious or depressed, such as social phobia or depression.

Horse riding can be an excellent way to improve your physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Not only does it offer a chance to get out into nature, but it also offers the opportunity to meet new friends and make new connections. Have you thought about learning to play polo? Polo is an excellent aspect of horse riding, combining physical strength and improving mental welling, meeting new people, getting your blood pumping and release all the feel-good hormones you didn’t know you needed. Polo is a great sport because it combines the physical activity of running around and playing sports with the mental challenge of thinking about what you’re doing and how you can improve your skills.

Polo is a game played between two teams of four players each. The objective is to score goals using mallets (or sticks) during a match. Polo is a team sport where both offence and defence play equally important roles.

Polo originated in Persia around 600 BC. Today, it has become a popular international sport. In fact, the International Polo Federation (IPF), founded in 1889, now counts over 100 member nations.

There are several benefits associated with playing polo. For starters, it helps build strength and endurance. Also, it improves agility and coordination. And lastly, it promotes social interaction and teamwork.

Playing polo has multiple benefits; aside from obviously working out, polo is a competitive team sport that promotes teamwork, coordination, and strategy building. It also helps build core strength, gets people outside, and, above all else, is a ton of fun.

Somebody once described horse football as ‘high stakes chess for the adrenalin junkie,’ which is reasonably accurate. On the field, players learn to anticipate each other’s moves, influence the positions that they take and be ready for opportunities when they do occur, often exploiting them ruthlessly.

Playing polo requires great strength and agility. A player must stay balanced and react quickly to the movements of the horse. They must also keep their body strong and flexible so they can withstand the strain of riding a powerful animal. Over time, playing polo develops your core muscles, making them stronger and more capable of withstanding rigorous exercise without risking injury.

Although much of the action takes place on the field, polo players can also burn a lot of calories when playing. An hour of polo-play is equivalent to cycling or running for half an hour in the number of calories burned. The more intense the match is the more calories your body burns. So go out there and ride!

As mentioned, getting involved in polo will lead you to meet and build friendships with people you probably wouldn’t encounter outside of the sport. Remember, this is a team sport, and many people who come out to play are friends and families. There is a lot of camaraderie and passion in the game, and you will have a great time chatting, playing, and meeting interesting people from different parts of the world who are drawn together by their love of polo. So, why don’t you explore your local polo club, sign up to ladies’ polo mornings or arrange a corporate day for your next team building? Minninnooka Polo provides all these services and are based just outside London, making it an easy commute and a fantastic opportunity to start a new sport and meet new people.

This post was written by Kirstie Otamendi, Professional Polo Player and Owner of Minninnooka Polo. You can also read the blog on EquineShow247