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The British Horse Society were delighted to welcome our Vice-Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, to BHS Approved Ingestre Stables last week.

HRH The Princess Royal observed several workshops with the future generation of equestrians.

Equine charity, The British Horse Society (BHS) was honoured to welcome their Vice-Patron, HRH The Princess Royal to BHS Approved Ingestre Stables last week, to recognise our future equestrian coaches and the important role they play in the long-term sustainability of the industry.

This comes at a critical time, with riding schools across the UK struggling to attract the staff they need to be able to run at full capacity.

Ingestre Stables offers training and guidance to equestrians from all backgrounds and at all experience levels. The centre consistently produces staff with the highest level of skills, with many achieving top qualifications in coaching and yard management.

Set in a beautiful Grade 2 listed stable yard, Ingestre Stables is unique in its coaching calibre. As BHS Fellows, which is recognised as the highest equestrian qualification in the world, proprietors Rob Lovatt and Tim Downes both bring their own experience and knowledge to support the next generation of equestrians.

To showcase the work the team at Ingestre Stables and the BHS does to support the future of the equestrian industry, HRH The Princess Royal observed demonstrations from those working towards their BHS qualifications.

Many of them have benefited from the BHS’s Career Transition Fund which has been put in place by the equine charity to protect and support the future of riding schools and livery yards, as well as develop those who would like a professional career in equestrianism.

The fund aims to provide financial support to students training for their BHS qualifications at stage 2, 3 and 4, opening doors to a world of opportunities. So far, 1,300 people have benefited from this fund.

Ingestre Stables themselves continue to train and develop key equine skills, funded by the Career Transition Fund, as well as hold several insight days around the BHS coaching qualifications and how they can guide people through their journey with horses.

HRH The Princess Royal was also introduced to employees and neighbours of Ingestre Stables, as well as all those participants who’ve had the opportunity to experience the true joy of horses.

James Hick, Chief Executive Officer at The British Horse Society said: “It was a real privilege to introduce our Vice Patron HRH The Princess Royal to Ingestre Stables, and to showcase the great work and time that is being invested into developing key skills across their community. We are privileged to have such a remarkable centre, with brilliant horses, that trains the next generation to the highest of standards.

Supporting the next generation of equestrians is particularly important as the riding industry and UK’s centres continue to face staff shortages. Whether our qualifications are being used to start an equestrian career or to take a career to the next level, we’re honoured to play a part in this journey and to be by the side of those who care as greatly for horses as we do.”

Tim Downes, BHS Fellow and Ingestre Stables Proprietor said: “We are honoured to have received a visit from HRH The Princess Royal. As great advocates of The British Horse Society’s education system, it has been a great pleasure for our coaches and students to showcase their talents.

This week, we are celebrating another of our coaches achieving her Performance Coach BHSI, which is the second highest qualification the BHS offers, meaning that we now employ the most BHS performance coaches of any riding school in the UK.”

HRH The Princess Royal was invited to unveil a plaque at Ingestre Stables to commemorate the visit.

To learn more about the BHS’s qualification offerings, their Career Transition Fund and how you can launchpad a thriving career in the equine industry, visit:

You can discover more about Ingestre Stables and the work they do to make horses accessible to all here

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Massive thanks to the talented team members who support Equi-Scotia CIC leadership development an practitioner training courses! We were delighted to win ‘Project of the Year’ award for the ‘pebble in the pond effect’ of our work. #wellbeing #personaldevelopment #leadershipdevelopment #mentalhealth #executivecoaching #horses #communityofpractice

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Outstanding contributions to equestrianism honoured at BHS Annual Awards

Equine Charity, The British Horse Society (BHS) has honoured the incredible winners of this year’s Annual Awards in a ceremony with BHS Ambassador Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes.

The awards programme celebrates the individuals and organisations who have gone the extra mile, making a huge impact on behalf of the charity and the equestrian world. The BHS’s volunteers, partners and supporters were recognised as shining examples of humanity, endurance and hard work across safety, education, access and welfare.

It was a memorable celebration, reflecting on how truly magical horses are for so many people, no matter their background, interests or experience.

Speaking at the event, BHS Chief Executive James Hick said: “This event is one of the year’s highlights for us as a charity, as we acknowledge and celebrate the incredible efforts of our volunteer community – which currently stands at more than 1,300. We also recognise the brilliant work of some of our partners, as well as a number of individuals who really have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

All their dedicated support is so important in helping to deliver our charitable work. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to continue to be by the side of the whole equestrian community and to ensure more people from all communities, can experience the true joy of horses.”

A full list of all the 2023 winners is available here:

Read more information about the BHS Annual Awards and how you can nominate for the 2024 Awards by visiting:

If you’d like to become a volunteer for The British Horse Society, visit

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The British Horse Society and The Equine Dental Clinic launch Dental Awareness Week

As part of the ‘No Pain? Check Again!’ campaign, The British Horse Society (BHS) and The Equine Dental Clinic are pleased to announce the launch of their first ever Dental Awareness Week on Friday 10 November to Thursday 16 November 2023.

With studies revealing that up to 70% of horses have undiagnosed dental problems, which could unintentionally mean many are suffering in silence, the week aims to raise awareness of:

  • The signs of dental problems – what could your horse be hiding?
  • The importance of routine dental care every 6–12 months by a suitably qualified dental practitioner (vet or BAEDT / category 2 WWAED dental technician)
  • What to expect from your horse’s dental check

Understanding of equine dentistry problems has significantly improved over the last 20 years and best practices have developed for treatment. However, many modern dental treatments are only possible if problems are identified early enough – which may be before the horse shows any clinical signs.

Getting a horse’s teeth checked a minimum of once a year will help owners to detect a problem early, as well as help to eliminate any complicated issues in the future.

As part of the week, the BHS and The Equine Dental Clinic are providing a free, informative two hour-long webinar on the 15 November to raise awareness of equine dentistry. Presented by industry experts from The Equine Dental Clinic, including Dr Chris Pearce and Dr Nicole du Toit, the webinar will explore the signs of dental problems, outline what to expect from your horse’s dental check and offer insight into real life case studies. Sign up here:

The equine charity and dental clinic will also be providing equestrians with a free digital pack, downloadable from Horse owners will be able to receive a free routine dental planner and have access to exclusive dental healthcare content.

Gabrielle Madders, Horse Care & Welfare Campaigns Officer at The British Horse Society says: “We are really pleased to be working alongside The Equine Dental Clinic to launch our first ever Dental Awareness Week.

Horses are stoic animals, meaning that they can endure pain for long periods of time without showing signs, especially with pain related to teeth. That is why dedicating a whole week to the importance of regular dental examinations, a minimum of once a year, is so critical. We need to be able to identify dental problems early to help keep our horses pain-free and comfortable.”

Dr Chris Pearce and Dr Nicole du Toit, Directors of the Equine Dental Clinic say: “We are delighted to have teamed up with the BHS to highlight the importance of good regular dental care for horses. Spotting issues early on is the best way to prevent dental disorders that could seriously affect horse welfare, keep them working at their best and ensure prompt treatment for any problems.

This campaign will give horse owners the knowledge and confidence they need to understand why good regular dental examinations are so important, to know what to expect when their horses are receiving routine dental care, and guidance on potential treatments available when things go wrong. The most important part is that horses often won’t tell you – so No pain? Check again!”

To commemorate the week, The British Horse Society will be hosting stand 44 at Your Horse Live from the 10 November to 12 November. The equine charity will be handing out free copies of their ‘No Pain? Check Again!’ dental guide and will be joined by The Equine Dental Clinic to present a selection of talks over the weekend.

Horse owners can access more information about equine dentistry and get involved with the awareness week by visiting the BHS website: and social media channels.

– Chris Pearce, Equine Dental Clinic

Shared on: 08/11/2023

Shocking incident figures show the true price of fireworks

The British Horse Society (BHS) is urging the general public to act responsibly this bonfire night, after new statistics by the equine charity reveal that four horses have already been killed this year as a direct result of fireworks.

A shocking 45 horse fatalities have been logged via the BHS’s Horse i app since 2010. In total, the charity has received 1317 firework related incident reports during this time period which includes 292 equine injuries.

To reduce the risk of more tragic incidents occurring across the UK, the BHS is encouraging the public to follow some simple steps this bonfire weekend:

  1. Where possible, attend public displays.
  2. If you plan to set off fireworks, let your neighbours know in advance. This gives some horse owners time to prepare.
  3. Consider quiet or silent fireworks. These allow you to enjoy the same fabulous display without spooking any surrounding animals.
  4. Make sure that you aim any rockets away from fields or stables. Debris can cause injury to horses and stables may pose a fire risk.

Des Payne, Safety Team Leader at The British Horse Society adds: “Fireworks may be enjoyable for some people, but we must remember that they can cause considerable distress to horses. We are urging anyone planning to set off fireworks during this period to understand the effect it may have on local animals and the potential fire risk to stables or outbuildings. Critically, we are asking people to attend public displays only, as the set date and time provided by these firework presentations will help some horse owners to prepare.

If you are a horse owner and you are aware of a firework display, please notify your neighbour or display organiser to the location of horses nearby and let them know the challenges horses and other animals face when fireworks are let off.”

The BHS is also encouraging equestrians and the wider public to log any firework concerns using the Horse i app. Logging these incidents will help the equine charity to better understand the rate of equine-related incidents across the UK and critically, lobby for change in equine safety laws.

Most recently the BHS’s incident figures helped to inform new firework laws in Scotland, with the charity delighted to have been directly involved in the Scottish Firework Stakeholder group.

Under the updated act, councils in Scotland can now designate Firework Control Zones where it’ll be a criminal offence to ignite or knowingly throw a lit firework. Organised public firework displays will still be permitted within these zones to allow people to enjoy fireworks safely.

To learn more about the Horse i app and how to download it, please visit:

To find more practical fireworks advice for horse owners, please visit: This includes downloadable posters; a horse owner checklist to prepare and make firework season as safe as possible for you and your horses, and information and guidance for people planning their own private firework display.

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The British Horse Society launch new Pony Parties scheme to inspire next generation of equestrians

Equine Charity, The British Horse Society (BHS) have today launched a new BHS Approved Pony Party Provider scheme, in a bid to provide more young people with the opportuntiy to experience the true joys of horses.

As an expansion of the BHS Approved Centre Scheme, this exciting new initiative is designed to engage and support businesses who provide that all important first contact with ponies, through various occasions, celebrations and activities.

The Pony Party Provider scheme also aims to help promote safe, inclusive and encouraging environments for people to experience horses and ponies, with education and welfare at the heart of the approvals programme.

Approved providers will receive a range of benefits, including a listing on the BHS’s “Find an Approved Centre” search engine and the dedicated “Find a Pony Party Provider” webpage. They will also receive a BHS Gold Professional Membership and support from their dedicated regional BHS Buisness Support Manager.

Oonagh Maher, Head of Approved Centres Operations at The British Horse Society said: “We are thrilled to launch the BHS Approved Pony Party Provider Scheme. For many children, pony parties are their first chance to experience the magic of horses, with a first meeting often transforming a young person’s life.

This is an exciting and important step forward for equine partcipation, helping to make sure that pony party providers can continue to successfully take the best care of their ponies whilst giving peace of mind to the parents that they’re offering the children the best equine experience possible.”

To learn more about the BHS Approved Pony Party Provider scheme and the benefits offered to providers, visit

To locate your nearest pony party provider, please visit:

The BHS couldn’t continue their vital work to support the equestrian industry, and to Keep Britain Riding, without your donations and support. From every £1 that the BHS raises, 94p goes towards our charitable objectives. Visit our website to learn more today:

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The British Horse Society welcomes new Fellow

The British Horse Society (BHS) is honoured to welcome Liz Eaton as a new Fellow, following a two-day assessment of candidates’ knowledge in all aspects of equitation and horsemanship.

Recognised as one of the most prestigious coaching accolades in the world, the BHS Fellowship is the highest qualification offered by the equine charity and represents the ultimate career aspiration for any equestrian coach.

A BHS Fellow is acknowledged throughout the global equine industry as an ambassador for the equestrian profession and a thought leader in the sector. They are committed to upholding the highest standards of horsemanship, training and welfare, and above all, work tirelessly for the good of the horse.


Tracy Casstles, Director of Education at The British Horse Society says: “I am thrilled to welcome Liz as our newest fellow. She demonstrated a tremendous depth of equestrian knowledge and outstanding coaching skills during her assessment, and will be a huge asset to the work of the Society.

This achievement by Liz illustrates her dedication to lifelong learning, as well as her passion for changing other people’s lives through the power of horses. Our Fellows are critical to the long-term sustainability of the industry, helping others to grow and flourish in an equine environment.

The gruelling candidate assessments took place at Wellington Riding and involved the participation of advanced-level horses and riders. I would like to thank everyone who generously gave up their time or loaned their horses to support this important BHS qualification assessment.”

Carole Broad FBHS led the assessment over the two days: “It is always a pleasure to welcome new Fellows and it has been a particular honour to be part of the assessment process. The standard was extremely high, and I am excited to see what lies ahead for Liz.”


David Sheerin, General Manager at Wellington Riding and BHS Fellow adds: “It was great to welcome all our assessors to Wellington this week; with a Stage 1 assessment, followed by the Fellowship, it’s been a complete journey.

Having obtained my fellowship in 2022, I know the hard work and dedication that goes into achieving this qualification. I am so pleased to have played a part in this year’s process.”

Sam York FBHS and Chair of the F&I says: “You can change lives through coaching, and I have been lucky enough to witness this over the last two days. The team at Wellington as well as the horses and riders have been excellent, allowing all the candidates to really demonstrate their coaching skills.”

There are currently fewer than 60 active BHS Fellows in the world.

The Fellowship assessment is open to any Performance Coach BHSI over 25 – although the average candidate age is much higher. If you are a Performance Coach BHSI who would like to be kept informed about future BHS Fellowship training opportunities, or you would like to find out more about what’s involved, email to register your interest.

Whatever your career aspirations, the BHS have a pathway for you. To learn more about the charity’s qualification offerings and how you can grow a thriving career in the equine industry, visit:

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Lead Charity Partner, The British Horse Society to host exciting masterclasses at this year’s Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials

Image source: Adam Fanthorpe


As lead charity partner, The British Horse Society (BHS) is thrilled to be hosting two exclusive masterclasses at this year’s Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials. Through an array of interactive displays and exciting expertise, the BHS are thrilled to be offering something for every equestrian, no matter what path they take with horses.


For the first masterclass, on the morning of both Saturday and Sunday, the BHS is honoured to be joined by BHS Fellow and leading equestrian coach David Sheerin. David will be guiding equestrians through elements of the famous Blenheim cross-country course and offering top tips on how to support, as well as guide, someone at the start of their cross-country journey.


Weekend visitors will also be able to join BHS Director of Education, Tracy Casstles and Thames Valley Mounted Police for a demonstration of riding safely both on and off-road, showcasing the supportive role the BHS plays in increasing safety for equestrians. These actions are critical in order to protect that unique horse human bond and ensure it can be enjoyed for future generations.


The BHS will be involved in several other exciting initiatives across the weekend too, including a panel discussion with influencer and BHS Stage 4 event rider Pippa Greenwood, and Thames Valley Police equine manager Laura Haughey. All panellists will be talking about their unique equestrian journeys and how their lives have changed through the power of horses.


Vistors can also enjoy two BHS stands across the event, with one featuring a popular hobby horse derby course for children to get active and learn more about the charity’s education opportunities.


It’s not too late to get involved. More information can be found here:


Want to support the fantastic work that the BHS does to ‘Keep Britain Riding’ donate here:


The BHS Cross Country Masterclass with David Sheerin will be taking place at 11.30am on Saturday 16 September and Sunday 17 September in the main arena. The BHS Ride Safe Masterclass will also be in the main arena, at 3.30pm on Sunday 17 September.


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BEVA honours the brightest and best in equine veterinary medicine

This year’s prestigious awards ceremony at BEVA Congress (13-16 September 2023) recognised a variety of professionals for their considerable talents within the equine veterinary sector and included a new award for Veterinary Nurses.


The awards were presented by HRH The Princess Royal and BEVA President David Rendle on Thursday 14thSeptember 2023.


The BEVA Equine Welfare Award, sponsored by the Blue Cross was presented to Jim Green, who received an exclusive Irish bog oak trophy together with a cash prize.


Jim joined Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter in 1996 where his rural background was instrumental in developing awareness of a range of rural issues, including response to animal rescues. For 12 years Jim led a local and national drive to improve knowledge and skills for this challenging operational incident type, orchestrating teams within Hampshire and training rescue team leaders and veterinarians.


Jim co-founded the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Association (BARTA) which supports and trains vets and emergency responders in the resolution of emergency situations involving animals with informed, safe and welfare driven plans.  Since Jan 2022 BARTA has trained over 100 vet responders, over 250 emergency responders (including vets and ground staff) for racecourses and British Eventing, members of the local authorities and the police. Jim’s team are constantly identifying new arenas in which incidents involving animals occur and considering how to work best with those agencies to improve safety and welfare. Jim continues to respond operationally to animal incidents through his on-call role as an Animal Rescue Specialist with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.


The Nurse Empowerment Award is a new award seeking to commend any member of the practice team or wider profession who has empowered equine nurses and championed their role within the profession, either through leading by example or through championing the role of the equine nurse.


The inaugural Nurse Empowerment Award was presented to Marie Rippingale for her tireless work to develop, promote and advocate the role of the equine veterinary nurse. Marie has been involved in all areas of curriculum development, lecturing and examining for multiple awarding bodies. She is an active member of BEVA and has volunteered in Gambia, helping improve welfare for working donkeys and provide education to their owners.

Prior to lecturing Marie worked as a head nurse in an equine practice where she provided many desperately needed CPD opportunities for equine nurses. She has been a champion in encouraging vets to allow and encourage equine veterinary nurses work to their full ability, complete schedule 3 procedures and to complement the veterinary team.


The BEVA Richard Hartley Clinical Award was presented to Tania Sundra for the paper ‘Preliminary observations on the use of ertugliflozin in the management of hyperinsulinaemia and laminitis in 51 horses: a case series’ by Tania Sundra, Erin Kelty and Dave Rendle published in November 2022 issue of Equine Veterinary Education.


The award is given in memory of Richard Hartley, a founder member of BEVA and President from 1974-1975. It is awarded to the first author of the best paper published in Equine Veterinary Journal or Equine Veterinary Education with direct clinical application. The £1000 prize is intended to support travel of the first author and/or co-authors.


The Peter Rossdale Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) Open Award was presented to Edward Knowles for the paper ‘Predictors of laminitis development in a cohort of non-laminitic ponies’ by Edward Knowles, Jonathan ElliottPatricia A. HarrisYu-Mei Chang and Nicola J. Menzies-Gow, published in the March 2022 issue of Equine Veterinary Journal.


This award and £1000 prize is given for the paper that best achieves EVJ’s mission to publish articles which influence and improve clinical practice and/or add significantly to the scientific knowledge that underpins and supports veterinary medicine in relation to the horse.


The new Peter Rossdale EVE Literary Award was presented to Sirous Sadeghian Chaleshtori for the paper ‘Measurement of ANP, BNP, and endothelin-1 concentrations in jumping horses with heart valvular regurgitation and their correlation with the dimensions of heart structures’ by Sirous Sadeghian ChaleshtoriMohammad Reza Mokhber DezfouliMohammad Hassan NajizadehGolam Reza Nikbakht Borujeni, published in the July 2022 issue of Equine Veterinary Education. Sirous was unable to attend Congress to collect the Award.


The award was introduced in 2022 in memory of Peter Rossdale and is sponsored by Rossdales Ltd who provided the £1000 prize. The award is presented to the best clinical research paper published in Equine Veterinary Education (EVE). Peter Rossdale, a true pioneer in the profession, established EVE in 1989 recognising the need to encourage education of clinicians and to encourage clinicians to publish clinical papers.


The Sam Hignett Award All Clinical Research presentations from general equine practice are eligible for the Sam Hignett Award. A continuous process of assessment will take place throughout the Clinical Research Sessions and the winner of the award will be announced after Congress through the BEVA website and newsletter.


For further information on the BEVA Awards visit

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HRH The Princess Royal Attends BEVA Congress

BEVA Council was honoured to receive Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal at BEVA Congress on Thursday 14 September 2023.  HRH, who is Patron of BEVA, gave a short speech and presented BEVA’s Annual Awards.


Her Royal Highness has been Patron of BEVA since 2003. The position was previously held by HRH’s Grandmother, The Queen Mother. The Princess Royal’s enthusiastic interest in horses has led to her close involvement with many equine and veterinary charitable organisations.


Her Royal Highness gave a short address following the plenary lecture and then presented BEVA’s Annual Awards to some of the profession’s most outstanding contributors to equine veterinary science, health and welfare.


David Mountford, Chief Executive of BEVA said: “It was a delight and a great privilege to have our esteemed Patron in attendance this year. Our Award winners were especially appreciative of the bonus of receiving their Awards from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.”


For further information on the BEVA Awards visit

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EquineShow247 News

We’ve been nominated for Marketing Effectiveness Award!!


Thank you to the British Equestrian Trade Association.


Super excited and proud!


EquineShow247 is an innovative virtual exhibition community platform designed to revolutionize the way equine exhibitors showcase their products and services.


Unlike traditional exhibitions that often come with restrictive financial barriers and logistical challenges, EquineShow247 aims to level the playing field by offering equal status to all companies.

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The British Horse Society partners with leading equine influencers to launch this year’s Rideathon Challenge


The British Horse Society (BHS) is thrilled to be working with equine influencers across the UK, including Georgia (@lilpetchannel), Emily (emd__eventing94) and Tina (@life_on_the_left_rein), to launch this year’s Rideathon Challenge.


With an increasing number of horse and rider road injuries being reported every year, this annual campaign is critical to help protect safe off-road riding routes and to ensure equestrians can continue to explore the countryside safely.


This July, as part of its 75th anniversary, the BHS are challenging the public to ride or carriage drive as many miles as they can to help reach the overall target of 75,000 miles. The money raised will go towards the BHS’s Ride Out Fund.


Whether it be repairing broken fences and damaged paths, cutting back overgrown trails or installing brand new routes, the Ride Out Fund provides funding for projects which rescue and restore public rights of way for equestrians throughout the UK.


This year, influencers including Georgia (@lilpetchannel), Emily (emd__eventing94) and Tina (@life_on_the_left_rein) are sharing their support for the Rideathon Challenge along with other equestrians from a range of disciplines. By coming together to raise money and spread the word, they are spotlighting the great need to increase and improve off-road access for future generations to come.


Mark Weston, Director of Access at The British Horse Society said: “It is really important that horse riders and carriage drivers have more safe off road routes. Currently, in England and Wales, horse riders only have access to 22% of the public rights of way network and carriage drivers have just 5%. Hacking is a great way to connect with nature and enjoy the countryside with your horse but, without safe and accessible routes, this is at risk.


The more that is raised for the Ride Out Fund, the more projects can be assisted by the BHS to protect, repair and create off-road access.


We’re pleased to have the support of all our brilliant influencers, but we encourage you to get involved too! With our Rideathon Challenge, fundraising couldn’t be easier. We’ve seen all ages and abilities get involved with every activity, and we look forward to welcoming new faces too.”


Emily (emd__eventing94) and Tina (@life_on_the_left_rein) added: “We are super lucky to have lots of stunning off-road routes close by us, but we are aware lots of others aren’t as lucky. Hence why we are delighted to be involved with helping to promote the Rideathon Challenge again this year and assist in raising money for a fantastic cause. We hope others will also get out there, have fun and raise while they ride!”


The Rideathon Challenge is proudly supported by Horse & Country, offering a membership discount on H&C+ to all Rideathon participants and free memberships to the top three fundraisers.


Heather Killen, CEO of Horse & Country said: “H&C are delighted to partner with the team at the BHS for another year on 2023’s Rideathon campaign. We know that well maintained bridleways and access to the countryside are vital for equestrians across the UK – including our members. But this all-important work can’t be achieved without wider support from the equine community.


As such, we’re thrilled to be promoting Rideathon to all of our UK members throughout the coming months – in order to raise vital funds for the campaign.”


The vital work sustained by the Ride Out Fund, and the support from the community, can ensure that we Keep Britain Riding. By taking part in the Rideathon Challenge, equestrians can help support the future of their hobby and ensure that the horse/human bond is experienced by generations to come. You can learn more about the challenge, and how to sign up, by visiting

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Martin Clunes champions British Horse Society collaboration to support young people

Image Source:


The British Horse Society (BHS) were thrilled to welcome Martin Clunes, actor and president of the BHS, to the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) Saddle Club in Bovington last week to mark an exciting partnership between the equine charity and Lead-Up International.


Complimenting the Society’s Changing Lives through Horses (CLtH) programme, which aims to reconnect young people to communities through the magic of horses, Lead-Up ran an insightful workshop with CLtH participants based at the BHS Approved Centre.


Supported by trained mentors, the event encouraged and taught the young people involved to observe and manage their own nonverbal communication through mindfulness, interacting with the horses, and learning how to build trust between equines and humans.


Martin Clunes, President of the BHS, commented on the day: “I couldn’t be happier about supporting this new collaboration between the BHS and Lead-Up International.


A horse’s beauty, bravery, strength and companionship constantly inspires me, and it is great to see our Changing Lives through Horses participants benefit from the unique horse human bond. This partnership marks an important step forward in inspiring the next generation of equestrians”.


Mariana Samayoa at Lead-Up, a charitable organisation who focusses on teaching young people how to deal with violence through education and emotional management, said: “After a decade of incredible growth, where we have forged profound connections with horses and transformed these invaluable lessons into a structured methodology, we are thrilled to be able to partner with the esteemed British Horse Society. This new collaboration promises to further amplify our impact and reach. We are sure that together, we will continue to empower and inspire youth through the transformative power of horses.”


This event comes as the BHS announces the launch of a new campaign called ‘Keep Britain Riding’, to safeguard the long-term prospects of equestrianism and nurture the special horse/human bond for generations to come.


Alison Blackmore, Head of Changing Lives through Horses at The British Horse Society comments: “The Changing Lives Through Horses programme is about the vital importance of relationships and creating a sense of belonging for children and young people who, for whatever reason, find emotional connections difficult in educational and social environments.


Through this programme, I’ve been fortunate enough to see hundreds of people’s lives change through the power of horses. Engaging with horses can be a real breakthrough for young people, bringing out their confidence and helping them to develop key life skills.


We’re thrilled to be working with Lead-Up to protect that unique and special relationship. These workshops will help to make sure people from all backgrounds, and across all communities, don’t miss out on discovering and developing a love for horses.”


Changing Lives through Horses is partially funded by donations received by The British Horse Society. If you would like to help change a life and support the programme, please visit


To learn more about Lead-Up International and the work they do to empower young people through interactions with horses, visit


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The British Horse Society partners with The Society of Master Saddlers to address tack affordability.

The British Horse Society (BHS) are pleased to have partnered up with The Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) to deliver clear advice and guidance for equestrians to keep riding safely, with correctly fitted tack.


This comes as the equine industry continues to face difficult obstacles, including the very prominent cost of living crisis. Horse owners are feeling the pinch as we face a rise in costs for food, supplies, and equipment.


Through this partnership, the BHS and The SMS have produced a series of educational materials to help equestrians navigate these challenges. The resources strive to raise awareness of how to fit tack correctly, as well as how horse riders can make appropriate, cost-cutting decisions without compromising their horse’s health and welfare.


Gabby Madders, Welfare Campaigns Officer at The British Horse Society adds: “We are very conscious of the cost-of-living crisis and want to make sure that all equestrians can be confident they are purchasing equipment or tack that is safe and fit for purpose.


Far too often, we see ill-fitted equipment being used. In fact, new research has found that one in four horses’ bits don’t fit properly. With a growing body of evidence revealing that poorly fitted tack can have a negative effect on the welfare and performance of ridden horses, this partnership will be critical to ensuring people are purchasing tack that is affordable but safe.


Taking these steps will be essential when it comes to protecting and nurturing that very important relationship we all have with our horses; a bond that so many people would be lost without.”

The BHS and SMS are urging equestrians to start their saddle search with a SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter or their local saddlery shop. Both will often have a stock of second-hand saddles which will have undergone a series of safety checks.


Through this partnership, they are also recommending equestrians to always have the purchased saddle fitted by a SMS fitter, who will be able to re-flock or adjust it in order to ensure the best possible fit on the horse.  What appears to be a cheap saddle can work out to be very expensive if it’s damaged or doesn’t fit and causes discomfort to your horse.


The same advice is encouraged for any other items of second-hand tack. Whether it’s a bridle, stirrup leathers or a girth, the BHS and SMS are advising horse riders to be vigilant and to check any equipment over thoroughly for any signs of damage or wear.


Hazel Morley, CEO at The Society of Master Saddlers said: “We are pleased to be working in partnership with the BHS on a variety of projects educating their members about saddlery fit and care in relation to welfare and safety of both horse and rider. We encourage everyone when looking for new saddlery equipment to contact one of our registered fitters or saddlers to ensure they will not make costly mistakes, whether financial or otherwise.


Our members are seeing an increase in clients contacting them to check and adjust their current saddlery rather than necessarily purchasing an alternative saddle or bridle. We feel that this increase is in part due to the cost of living having an effect but also through our education and horse owners valuing horse welfare.”


To learn more about this partnership and the BHS’s guidance on tack affordability, please visit:


To find out more information on The Society of Master Saddlers and to find your nearest SMS member visit or contact us on 01449 711642.


The BHS Horse Care and Welfare Team are here to offer further advice with any questions you have. You can contact the team on 02476 840517* or email

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EquineShow247 is an Equestrian Tech of the Year Finalist!!!

Exciting News!

EquineShow247 is an Equestrian Tech of the Year Finalist!!!


EquineShow247 is so thankful for all the voters and very proud to be among the other finalists too.


The 2023 awards evening will place on Saturday 25th November 2023 at The Holiday Inn – Peterborough West. 



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Horses need sun protection too… The British Horse Society is urging horse owners to be extra vigilant during hot weather

The UK’s largest horse charity, The British Horse Society (BHS) has issued advice to owners asking them to be extra vigilant during this weekend’s hot weather and to make sure their horses have shade, water and high-factor SPF protection. With temperatures soaring, the charity is warning of the dangers to horses from strong UV rays.


Welfare Campaigns Officer for The British Horse Society, Gabby Madders said “Horses are affected by the sun in the same way as humans. So, during hot weather spells a number of steps need to be taken to ensure horses are kept comfortable and healthy. Poor management can lead to lethargy, sunburn and dehydration, and in severe cases heat stroke.


Like paler-skinned and fair-headed humans, horses with flesh-coloured skin and grey or white hair are most susceptible to burning. Horse owners need to ensure high-factor SPF sun cream is applied liberally around sensitive areas, including the nose.”


The British Horse Society also advises that:

  • Horses have constant access to water throughout the day.
  • Fields should have shaded areas, or horses can be left in the stable during the day and turned out overnight.
  • Monitor vital signs and behaviours for heat related illnesses.


The British Horse Society Welfare Team talk further about the importance of looking after your horse in the sun:


For further information and advice on exercising, traveling and riding in hot weather, visit


If you have any concern for a horse’s welfare, or would like advice about your own horse, The British Horse Society offers a free helpline 02476 840517 or email  To donate or to find out more about the BHS’s welfare work, go to

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The British Horse Society welcomes members of the Sikh Community at Romford-based Eastminster School of Riding

From left to right: Beverley Simms, Specialist Trustee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at The British Horse Society; a young participant from the Sikh community; Deborah Scott-Garrett, Proprietor at Eastminster; and Jasmeet Singh, a member of the Nihang Singh community.

Image supplied by Duncan Lamont/The British Horse Society


The British Horse Society (BHS) were honoured to welcome members of the Sikh Community to a participation day at Eastminster School of Riding, in the heart of Romford, to increase accessibility to the equine industry.


Funded by Sport England’s Together Fund, through British Equestrian (BEF), this was an important initiative to ensure all individuals have equal opportunities across equestrianism. The day included rider taster sessions, with over 90 participants taking part, as well as educational activities around caring for horses and how to keep a horse safe on our roads.


This event comes as the BHS announces the launch of a new campaign called ‘Keep Britain Riding’, to safeguard the long-term prospects of the equestrian industry and nurture the special horse/human bond for generations to come.


Read more here


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BHS launches Keep Britain Riding campaign as equestrianism comes under threat

Martin Clunes at Limes Equestrian, Tuesday 8 October 2019
© 2019 Nico Morgan. All Rights Reserved


The British Horse Society (BHS) has today launched a new campaign called ‘Keep Britain Riding’ to safeguard the long-term prospects of the equestrian industry, and to protect and nurture the special horse/human bond for future generations.


This comes after a major threat emerged following a nationwide survey by the BHS, which revealed that over 250 riding schools have closed since 2018, as well as the discovery that proprietors are either retiring and/or unable to recruit enough qualified coaches and yard staff to run their centres.



As a result of these closures, more than 1.5 million riding lessons have now been lost per year. That is 1.5 million fewer opportunities for children and adults to build that indescribable bond with horses; a bond that so many people would be lost without.

Read more here

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The British Horse Society partners with Nottingham Trent University

The British Horse Society (BHS) are pleased to have partnered with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) to invest in the future equestrian workforce, working collaboratively to provide young people with the tools and skills they need to thrive in a welfare role.


Through a new, dedicated BHS Welfare Education Coordinator work experience module, students enrolled at NTU have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience needed to support the prevention of diseases across the equine industry, and to ultimately optimise the welfare of horses in our care.


Since launching the module, the BHS’s horse care & welfare and communication teams have already worked closely with a number of students to develop an effective strategy that aims to drive education around equine respiratory health. This is a particularly important topic to address, with 14% of horses in the UK suffering from severe Equine Asthma.


NTU students, with the support of the BHS, have developed an informative video exploring the topic of Equine Asthma. From creating the concept through to producing and promoting the content, the students are striving to raise awareness of the signs and causes of respiratory diseases, as well as the treatments available and prevention.



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BETA’s Summer of Safety - June - Sept 2023 – Raising awareness of rider & horse safety

This is the third year of the highly successful campaign that was designed to help inspire, educate and encourage people to embrace safety in all areas of their equestrian life, to help keep themselves and their horses safer. This year, the Summer of Safety already has a huge amount of support behind it.


The summer long campaign will include in person events, lives and online content from riders, manufacturers, equestrian bodies, BETA’s CMO Dr Diane Fisher, and more.


In addition, the Summer of Safety will be heavily supported by BETA members in the form of competitions across the association’s social media platforms, educational information, and the ability to get involved in other ways too.

Follow us on:

Fb @betaequestrian 

Insta @beta-equestrian

YouTube @British Equestrian Trade Association

BETA members supporting the BSOS23

Retail members supporting BETA Summer of Safety – coming soon…….

Trade and Associate members supporting BETA Summer of Safety – coming soon…..


What’s your story?
Have you ever had a riding accident that could have been a lot worse if you hadn’t been wearing safety garments?


The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) has launched a new way of collecting and recording information relating to accidents and injuries. The Rider Accident & Equipment Reporting Form, which is available to anyone experiencing an accident and injury around horses, is part of the association’s continued drive to help make equestrian sport safer.

The form is also easy fill in and allows BETA to collect additional information surrounding accidents to help inform design and protection development of safety equipment moving forward.

Link to the form:


If you would like to take part in the 2023 Summer of Safety please email to receive further information.



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Blue Cross urges struggling horse owners to ask for help sooner rather than later


National Pet Charity Blue Cross is urging horse owners to ask for help sooner rather than later if feel they may need to give up their horse. Two horses recently taken in by the charity show the stark contrast between giving up a horse in good time and asking for help too late, when the situation has turned into a welfare problem.


“We really hope that by sharing Comet and Billy’s stories we can encourage people to contact us earlier if they need help with their horse,” said Annabelle Taylor, Rehoming Coordinator at Blue Cross. “A lot of people leave it far too late and the horse ends up suffering as a result. Subsequently rehabilitation can be difficult and upsetting and usually takes much longer.”


Comet’s owner’s husband was suffering from dementia, and she knew that as the disease progressed and her husband began to need more care, she would struggle to give Comet the time he required. She wanted to secure Comet’s future before things got too difficult so contacted Blue Cross for help. Comet arrived at the charity in good condition, with a new set of shoes and all his tack. He was clearly very well loved and was quickly found a perfect new home.


Billy’s owners had struggled with his ‘aggressive’ behaviour. He had been shut in his stable for 11 months and hadn’t had his feet trimmed for more than five years. Eventually Billy’s owners contacted Blue Cross.  As a result of his incarceration Billy’s welfare was severely compromised and his feet needed urgent attention from a remedial farrier. The social isolation had caused his mental health to deteriorate to a point where his rehabilitation will be a very slow process.


Blue Cross statistics suggest that increasing numbers of horse carers are struggling financially to keep their horses. So far this year the charity has received 137 requests from people asking for the charity to take in or help rehome their horse or pony and 31% of these cited personal or financial circumstances as the reason.


In 2022 there were 326 intake and rehoming requests, with 23% stating personal or financial circumstances as the reason. In comparison for the full year of 2021 just 43 (around 15%) of a total of 277 intake and rehoming requests specified financial reasons.


“We urge you to get in touch if you are struggling, rather than let problems escalate,” said Annabelle. “Please, please, please approach us while horses are still healthy rather than risk them becoming welfare compromised. We are here to listen and help, not to judge.”


Blue Cross rehomes horses from its centres in Burford, Oxfordshire and Rolleston, Staffordshire as well as through its Home Direct scheme.


Home Direct has proved to be highly effective, with 98 horses helped since it was launched back in 2015. Every horse is assessed thoroughly by a member of the Blue Cross horse unit team and then advertised on the charity’s website. Once a potential new owner has been found Blue Cross will arrange and oversee initial visits. If it’s a good match, the horse will then be rehomed directly from the old home to the new one. All the home visits and checks will be completed as if the horse was from a Blue Cross centre.


Blue Cross also offers their Home Direct service to other equine welfare charities that don’t specialise in rehoming. Any horse can be considered for Home Direct, as long as they pass a health check and are not on any long-term medication.


If you need support, advice or guidance about giving up your horse please email


For details of Blue Cross horses looking for homes please visit

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Yard’s tragic story of strangles outbreak

Horse owners at a well-established, family-friendly livery yard in Derbyshire have teamed up with Redwings to share their experience of a strangles outbreak. They hope to help others avoid paying the financial, emotional and personal costs of a ‘truly devastating’ disease.

When three horses developed snotty noses in June 2022, High Moor Livery immediately stopped all horse movements and called their vet. It took more than seven months for the last pony to test clear so they could finally put the outbreak behind them. And they’re already taking steps to ensure that’s where it stays.

In total, 27 of the 62 horses living at High Moor last summer tested positive for strangles, several were seriously ill and tragically four of those horses lost their lives, including Teddy (pictured above with his teenage owner Evie).

Also lost was young Welsh mare Fifi. “I had to tell my three-year-old that her first pony had died” recalls Alisha after they watched Fifi battling the infection for weeks before becoming so thin, sick and weak she could barely stand, and Alisha and vet Alex agreed there was nothing more they could do. “She had loads of character” says Alisha, “She fought so hard for so long, but there was nothing left. It broke my heart.”

Watch the liveries of High Moor share their story here… 

Another pony, Martha, developed the severe immune-related condition purpura haemorraghica, most seen as a complication associated with strangles infection. The severity of her symptoms led to skin peeling away from her lower legs requiring intensive treatment and nursing care.

Kate is the owner of two horses at High Moor. “When we first had the diagnosis one owner who had seen strangles before told me we’d be locked down for months” she says. “I thought she was exaggerating. She wasn’t.

“We used the traffic light system and everyone was temperature checking twice daily for months. It was the best way to try and stop the disease spreading. Any horse with a fever was immediately moved into the red zone so they didn’t pass the bacteria to an uninfected horse. We got through a lot of thermometers!”

Read more on this news here

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Celebrating equine participation at the BHS National Riding School Championships

Some members of Summerfield Stables who took part in The British Horse Society, BHS National Riding Schools Championships which were held at Onley Ground near Rugby in Warwickshire in the UK on the 5th April 2023

Last Wednesday (5 April), The British Horse Society were honoured to be joined by riding schools from across the country at their annual National Riding School Championships.

The one of a kind competition offers riders who don’t have their own horse the chance to compete at a national championship. The event saw equestrians, of all ages, who ride at BHS Approved Centres compete across the disciplines, including show jumping and stable management.

With more than 70 participants qualifying, the day is a significant celebration of the UK’s riding schools and the great value they bring to people in the local communities.

For those who don’t have direct access to horses, riding centres help to ensure everyone is able to benefit from equestrian education, horse care and welfare, practical riding tuition and more importantly, an inclusive and welcoming environment.

As the lifeblood of equestrian participation, these riding facilities are an essential part of the future of equestrianism.

Sophia Khass, who came away with a first place rosette, said: “I haven’t competed for a good many years, but I’ve really enjoyed being here today in such a friendly, accommodating and inclusive competition.”

While competitor, Kay Wilson commented: “This is a national championship and it’s nice that people from all over the country are here and we all get the chance to compete even though we don’t have our own horse.”

Oonagh Meyer, Head of Approvals at the BHS said: “We want to say congratulations to everyone that competed at the championships. It really was a fantastic day and it was great to see all those, who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to compete, show off the brilliant skills they have learned at their respective riding schools.

Days like these really highlight the valuable work riding centres across the UK do to support all those who have a passion for horses, as well as how truly wonderful the horse/human bond is.”

To learn more about how you can get involved with our Approved Riding Centres, or how you can support these equine facilities to ensure they’re able to continue to provide people passionate about horses with the best experience possible, visit: 

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The British Horse Society welcome HRH The Princess Royal at a Community Ridings School


Last week, The British Horse Society were thrilled to welcome HRH The Princess Royal at a Community Ridings School in the heart of Birmingham to see how it is benefiting young people in the local area.




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The British Horse Society condemns UK Government’s decision to backtrack on deadline

The backtrack on the deadline to save vital off-road routes will leave horse riders at increasing risk on England’s roads.

The British Horse Society (BHS) is extremely disappointed to learn that the UK Government has broken its commitment to abolishing the 2026 deadline for saving vital off-road routes. This decision will mean such routes across England will be lost forever, resulting in even more restrictions when it comes to accessing the countryside.

For horse riders, who currently have access to just 22% of the rights of way network, this decision will be particularly damaging. In 2022 alone, 69 horses were killed on Britain’s roads and 139 riders injured, therefore the protection of safe off-road routes is critical to make sure equestrians remain safe.

Mark Weston, Director of Access at The British Horse Society says: “Recent years have illustrated just how vital more off-road access is for the safety, health and wellbeing of horse riders, as well as walkers and cyclists. These bridleways and byways should be protected for future generations to enjoy and treasure. Unfortunately, this U-turn from the government could cause the opposite effect and will put access to safe riding routes at great risk.

Through our Project 2026 campaign, we have worked closely with our volunteers, members and supporters to save 2,800 bridleways and byways. Without their crucial work, these historic rights of way could have been wiped off the Definitive Map. But there’s plenty more routes that are still in danger.

We will continue to work with our brilliant network of over 400 access volunteers to research and record these routes. However, it must be recognised that there is already a backlog of applications waiting to be processed and the necessary steps need to be put in place quickly to make it possible for paths to be researched, applied for, and processed within this tight deadline. The outcome of this announcement means that many of our favourite off-road routes will be gone forever.”

For more information about the BHS 2026 campaign, visit

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The BHS and The Pony Club team up to deliver greater access to equine careers

The British Horse Society (BHS) are thrilled to have teamed up with The Pony Club to support and endorse the advancement of equine learning, and skills, with a new educational route.

Under revised entry guidance, participants who hold a Pony Club C+ Test can now apply for a direct entry route into the BHS Stage 2 qualifications.

Whatever your aspirations; caring for horses, riding professionally, or coaching the next generation, this path will provide another route of progression and knowledge to help young people kick start their equine career.

Working collectively to widen the opportunities available and to deliver greater access to the equestrian field is essential. This comes at a time when the industry’s riding schools and livery yards, who underpin the equine industry, are continuing to face challenging times and need skilled employees to support their business.

The BHS Career Transition Fund is available to help those individuals who choose to take this educational route. The fund is aimed at those who want to progress to their BHS Stage 2 and Stage 3 qualifications. Candidates can apply for the fund through a simple online form and could receive a voucher valued up to £200 for Stage 2 and £250 for Stage 3.

Tracy Casstles, Director of Education at The British Horse Society says: “We are really pleased to be working closely with The Pony Club to deliver an exciting route for equestrians. Creating a robust workforce is more important than ever, and we’re proud to be working together to attract even more people into an equine career.

We recognise that there is not always one way of doing things and certainly not one approach to take in equestrianism. We hope that by introducing a new pathway to the industry, even more people will be able to receive the qualifications, skills and knowledge they need to go for that dream role.”

Marcus Capel, CEO of The Pony Club says: “I am delighted that the highly regarded Pony Club pathway of tests continues to offer a potential career route for our Members. Working together with the BHS, we are proud that our accessible C+ test has been added to the list of tests accepted for direct entry into the BHS stage assessments. This significant step forward will widen the opportunities available to our Members and strengthens the relationship between the two organisations.”

Ex Pony Club member, Alex van Randwyck says: “I enjoyed being part of The Pony Club and working through their qualification pathway, achieving the A Test in 2019. The Direct Entry link with the BHS has allowed me to continue working towards professional qualifications, achieving the Stage 4 Management in 2022 and currently working toward the BHS Performance Centre Manager. It has been a very user-friendly process. I hope that raising awareness of this opportunity will encourage others to continue to expand their equine knowledge through qualifications.”

As well as The Pony Club C+ Test, the BHS accept a range of Pony Club Tests for direct entry, which includes Pony Club B, B+, AH and A Test. Terms and conditions will apply, so please visit to learn more about the BHS direct entry routes available.

If you’d like to find out more about the Pony Club qualifications, visit

You can discover more about the BHS Career Pathways, and how they can support you through every stage of your development, by visiting:

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Starship Technologies is working with The British Horse Society

Starship Technologies, the world’s leading provider of autonomous delivery services, has today announced it’s working with The British Horse Society to ensure safe interactions between delivery robots and horses across the UK.


Together, Starship and The British Horse Society are working to establish the standards of correct robot behaviour around horses. This includes stopping and waiting for a rider to pass before a robot continues on its journey.


Starship is now collecting insights from horse riders who have interacted with their robots via The British Horse Society’s ‘Horse i’ app. These encounters, both positive and negative, are then collated along with multiple points of other data to help develop safe robot behaviour. Additionally, Starship is offering familiarisation sessions to riders and their horses based in Cambourne, to better acquaint horses with their robots.


Starship’s autonomous delivery robots have travelled millions of miles and completed more than 4 million commercial deliveries. In the UK, where robots deliver groceries from the likes of Tesco and Co-op, the robots are a common sight across Cambridge, Cambourne, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford and Leeds, with the launch of more locations expected in the coming months. Around the world, the robots make 140,000 road crossings every day, equivalent to three road crossings per second. Starship’s robots operate at L4 autonomy, completing numerous deliveries in a row and crossing streets 100% autonomously.


Lindsay Roberts, Director of Autonomous Driving at Starship said: “Working with The British Horse Society will help our robots to happily coexist with any horses they encounter. Our robots learn with every journey, and the insights we gather will allow us to establish positive robot behaviour around horses – not only in the UK, but also in the US and other locations around the world where we operate. Working seamlessly in the communities we serve is a top priority at Starship, so we invite riders in our Cambourne service area to get in touch with us to book a familiarisation session with a robot.”


Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety at The British Horse Society said: “We are pleased to be working closely with Starship Technologies to ensure the roll-out of all delivery robots is done with equine safety in mind. Our priority is the safety of both horse and rider, and we welcome this opportunity to educate robot behaviour so that they act suitably around horses.


“Whether positive or negative, we encourage all equestrians to report any robot-related encounters using the Horse i app. The more incidents that are reported, the more the BHS can do to improve horse riders’ safety around delivery robots.


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Redwings is Charity Film Award finalist for second year!

The Charity Film Awards finalists have been announced and Redwings has made the shortlist with an animation focussing on some of the horses, ponies and donkeys rescued over the years.

Narrated by Norfolk-born actor and writer Stephen Fry, the film tells the story of Esther the donkey, resident ‘Black Beauty’ Maya, Sampson the Shetland, poor abandoned Wiggins the donkey and Gulliver – a malnourished foal when he arrived.

Lynn Cutress, Chief Executive of Redwings, said: “We’re really thrilled that this animation, which was created for a fundraising campaign for Christmas 2021, has been voted through to the finals of the prestigious Charity Film Awards.

“Last year our animation about Boo – a blind Clydesdale who lived with us here at Redwings for many years – won the silver award in the People’s Choice category, which was also narrated by Mr Fry and made by our friends at Norwich-based company We Are Immersive.

“We love working with local people as much as possible and are so proud of the wonderful relationship we’ve built up with both Mr Fry and Immersive.

“The finalists were chosen by the public so it’s a huge honour and we’re so very grateful to everyone who voted for us.”

Mr Fry recorded a video in support of Redwings last month. In it, Mr Fry said: “It’s become something of a tradition for me to support Redwings every year and I’ve always been incredibly happy to do that because it’s a wonderful charity doing incredible work.”

Lucy Spaull, Production Director of We Are Immersive, said: “It’s such a pleasure working with the team at Redwings and helping to raise awareness about the incredible work that they do. We’re excited to have made it into the final round of the Charity Film Awards for a second year running and we’re grateful for everyone’s votes and support.”

Almost 40,000 votes were cast by the public in the first round, and it’s now down to a panel of expert judges to select winners from each category.

The 2023 awards will take place in central London on 21 March 2023.

Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of Smiley Movement, said: “Nothing captures hearts and minds like film. These amazing films from wonderful causes absolutely demonstrate the importance of film for charitable campaigning.

“It’s vital we support all causes – big or small. A huge congratulations to all the Finalists, who should be delighted with the public support for their films through the campaign. We’re incredibly proud that Smiley Movement’s investment in the Charity Film Awards has already generated millions of additional views on these films.”


Visit The Redwings Stand

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New for EquineShow247, the Community News Page!

equine logo equineshow247 exhibition entrance virtual

The Community News page is a great place for you to share your news with the EquineShow247 community. Is your content too product specific to share on the blog? Not right to go on your Virtual Space as it’s just a small update? Well, this is the place for your business news to go!

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