As many businesses continue to jump on-board the internet band wagon, the demand for keeping up with e-commerce trends has never been higher, especially as there are so many aspects to keep up with.

As a business owner, it is incredibly important to remain aware of the most popular e-commerce trends to help your business remain up to date, in the know and helping you compete with other businesses. Darryl Britton from WiserWeb provides an insight into how new trends mean new opportunities to take advantage of.

Here are some of the top e-commerce trends we’re seeing this year.

The rise of email marketing continues

Email marketing has long been a successful marketing tactic for many businesses hoping to engage with their potential customers, clients or readers. Email marketing is an excellent way to drive traffic to a website, product or service and it is now more achievable than ever.

As automation in e-commerce continues to strive for greatness, it offers many businesses a simple and easy way to gather customer data. By compiling a list of all your business’s customers, readers or client’s emails, you now have an easy way to market your business.

Effective email marketing can be carried out en masse and there are some very good programs that allow you manage both the creative process and the analytics – which is an essential part of any effective email strategy.

Email has become a very popular strategy for many e-commerce businesses hoping to stay competitive and boost profits. A single email per month, sent out to your entire list of email contacts, which depending on your e-commerce business could number well into the thousands, could see your business being able to capture and lure an audience to a product or service very easily.

E-Commerce trends

If your e-commerce business doesn’t already have a weekly or monthly newsletter or an email marketing strategy, it is worth considering. Simply hire a copywriter to work some magic and send an email out at least once every month with some useful information and some links to products or services and pick up some easy sales.

This trend is super popular in 2022 and is likely to continue being popular as long as email is around.

Rapidly competitive

Five years ago, e-commerce was widely used on a global scale and accounted for around 10% of global retail sales. Now, in the year 2022 e-commerce accounts for roughly 20% of retail sales, which is a huge jump.

There has been no doubt that due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses suffered and those that weren’t already online were forced to move into the e-commerce space, which became the only area that many businesses could use to keep themselves afloat. As consumer trends and behaviours rapidly changed and adjusted, we found that the world moved increasing online for day-to-day activities and shopping. This posed a great opportunity for many e-commerce businesses. The more people online, meant the more chance that a person would click into your e-commerce site, potentially leading to a sale, but only if you knew how to capture their attention and to drive them to your site with compelling calls to action (CTAs).

As many new and existing e-commerce businesses raced to captivate their audiences and gain attention, advertising became a costly endeavour. As the high demand for advertising drove costs higher and higher, many e-commerce businesses were forced to suffer these prices in the hopes of driving traffic to their sites.

If you’re a business operating in 2022 and you don’t have an e-commerce site you risk being less competitive and getting left behind. Many trade sites, now have retail branches in one guise or another.

E-Commerce trends

E-commerce that is sustainable

There is no denying that the pressure is on for many e-commerce businesses to ensure they are at least trying to make an effort to make their business processes a little more eco-friendly. The demand for sustainable products and sustainable business processes is high, and for many people this can mean the difference between shopping with an e-commerce business or not.

There are many steps an e-commerce business can take to become green and appeal to a wider audience. Be it more sustainable packaging, reducing their carbon footprint or even offering to plant trees. All of these are simple steps your e-commerce business could take to stay on top of the increasing demand for more sustainable e-commerce goods and services.

This is a trend that we are likely to see continue for many years to come, and the more your e-commerce business can do to be a bit greener, the better.

What does the future really hold for e-commerce?

E-commerce is undoubtedly the future of retail on the high street as we know it. With people having the ability to choose products or services to be delivered to their home without having to move from the comfort of their own chair is a quick and convenient way to shop for increasingly more consumers. As many companies decide to move into the e-commerce space and existing e-commerce businesses only improving on their services, it is likely that e-commerce will eventually become the only way to shop for many. Fortunately, for tack shops and feed stores, equestrian shopping bucks the trend. Many items are large and heavy which means they are not so easy or cost-effective to deliver. Happily, horse owners and rider also like to visit equestrian outlets to see the latest trends and to stock up on regulars such as feed and bedding.

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