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It is becoming more and more common for people to struggle with confidence in polo. It has become expected for you to be able to sit on a horse for the first time and swing a stick, then before you know it be galloping down a polo field. While this may be appropriate for some, for others it may be better to build a good foundation of riding, stick work and understanding of the strategy in order to build their confidence and knowledge of the game.

We have spent many hours with all sorts of people who struggle with confidence for varying reasons, but whatever your situation, we are here to help and build a plan to improve your confidence in your ability to play polo and ensure your enjoyment of the sport. 

We have a supportive group of coaches and instructors that can cater for your every need, whether you want to improve your technique, strategy or riding skills, we can help.  Feel like you’re not getting enough out of your polo, why not see if we can help, there are so many different elements to the game of polo. Let us see what’s holding you back and help you get the most from your game.

​You don’t have to have your own pony, we can provide one.
Browse through our list of services and contact us for your unique experience.

Help your child build a good foundation for their polo career.


  • riding
  • horsemanship
  • stick work
  • tactics
  • horse care

Come and learn in a fun environment and see their confidence grow.

We offer intensive private or group lessons which focus on building good foundations of polo, with children we feel it’s vital to teach in a way they not only enjoy their lessons but learn properly how to ride, control the horses and understand the rules of the game. Our main priority is keeping your child safe and helping them become ahead of the game. 

Horses are 90% of the game and a real passion for us!!!

We pride ourselves on expert care and experience with different types of horses, young horses,  and helping you understand and get the most out of your ponies. 

We offer a full range of services and products to help you get the most out of your polo.

Liver includes all or a combination of the following:

  • feeding
  • exercising
  • grooming
  • schooling
  • fitness
  • match preparation
  • logistics and transport
  • injury management
  • horse breaking
  • problem horses

Minninnooka Polo operates through its website, polo.co.uk, and class booking using Sportmember. The organiation offers a variety of programs, including:

Ladies’ Polo:

Ladies’ Polo is designed for women looking to learn and play polo.
It is open to individuals of all skill levels, from those with equestrian experience to complete novices.
Different time slots are available to cater to participants with varying levels of expertise, with detailed information accessible on the Sportmember APP.

School Polo:

School Polo serves as a comprehensive program for children and young adults who come to Minninnooka for polo instruction.
Participants range from kids as young as 6 years old to university students.

The School Polo program comprises three distinct groups during the week, in addition to a specialized offering for Reading University students.
Specific group names, lesson schedules, and program details can be accessed through the Sportmember App.
Children in this program also have the opportunity to compete in SUPA tournaments, organized by the Schools and Universities Polo Association.


The Members team at Minninnooka caters to individuals who hold a handicap in either arena or grass pitch polo.
Members have the option to book sessions, participate in chukkas (periods of play in a polo match), take on challenges, and join tournaments.
This team is tailored for more experienced players seeking diverse polo-related experiences.

For further information and program details, visit the Minninnooka Polo website at polo.co.uk or explore class booking options through Sportmember. Minninnooka Polo’s diverse programs aim to accommodate participants of all backgrounds and skill levels, fostering a welcoming environment for those interested in the sport of polo.

Please click here to view some of our Merchandise. 

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