FOMO began as a final year student project of Founder and Managing Director, Carmen Cummiskey whilst studying Sports Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.  Horse riding had been a large part of her life, having participated in a variety of disciplines over the years.  Having suffered a couple of serious falls, Carmen promised to wear a body protector to ensure she had maximum protection and to avoid any further injuries.  However, she felt it was uncomfortable to wear, too warm and restrictive and if anything, made her feel more unsafe. Air jackets had also become very popular at the time and her horse was extremely adverse to the sound of them engaging. A good decade on, with a lack of real sport-specific innovation, Carmen decided to design something to inspire rider confidence and ability in the saddle, and hence FOMO was born.

We are currently a small innovative team based in Glasgow’s East End.  Committed to designing and creating innovative products, we are always pushing ourselves to think outside the box to create exciting products for our customers and are proud to already be the winner of several awards.


From the first time wearing the body protector, I’ve loved how soft and light it felt – genuinely like wearing a cloud!!
It gives me so much more movement and freedom in the upper body, which I just wasn’t getting with other body protectors, and I think it’s allowed for me to be a lot more effective and react how I want while riding XC.
As of last weekend, I can also attest to how safe it is; I had what could’ve been a very bad fall with a lot of impact on my lower back, but instead walked away no more than a bit bruised in the legs, and was able to dust myself off and get on my next horse.
These body protectors are a real game changer for me, and I wouldn’t wear anything else now

Yuxuan Su

I have a FOMO, I wear it every day and had my first fall with it after owning it for a year, unbelievable I didn’t feel a thing, it was 100% worth the money and more.
I have a 5-year-old who currently rides in another brand, I’d love to also get her a FOMO when the kids range is ready

Jemma Buchan

Loving my FOMO by the way. I was a Kan refugee and didn’t think I’d find anything which felt as protective but the FOMO does AND it’s more pliable and comfortable.
Congratulations on a great product and cutting through in the market!

Jess Rudkin