Polo, horses, and teaching is our life, we live and breathe it every day and pride ourselves in sharing that. Horses and sport is so helpful for destressing, switching off from life and getting fitter and healthier. We have a friendly bunch of people who will make sure your experience is safe and enjoyable.

Children can join our learning program which can guide them in learning about horses and animal care. team sport, confidence, coordination, and competitiveness.

Minninnooka Academy

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where anyone and everyone can learn in a safe environment. We aim to understanding what each individual client wants to achieve from their polo journey and finding a fun way of teaching that.

Childrens Lessons

We have a full children’s syllabus including horsemanship, polo tactics, riding and swing mechanics. Our children have a guided path from weekly lesson, instructional chukkas to national tournaments including SUPA (schools and universities polo association).

We have a fun schedule of activities that people can sign in for including lesson, polo training, hacking. chukkas and tournaments. Not to mention our social calendar.


Horses are 99% of the game of polo, Minninnooka has been grown from owners Kirstie and Daniels shared love of horses. Kirstie growing up riding in Australia and Daniel working around the world as a horse trainer and polo player in countries including Argentina, Brunei, Australia and India. It has always been a part of their lives riding, training, and managing horses.

Between summer and winter Minninnooka cares for around 40 horses at all different levels. We provide a wide range of services including livery, retraining, chukka rental, children’s horses and horses perfect for helping with nerves or to help up your polo.

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I joined Minninnooka in Aug 2023; I rode as a child & then spent many years out of the saddle after loosing my confidence. I have always loved watching Polo; so decided to go along & give it a go. I can honestly say it is the best thing I have done, the coaching & support from both the Minninnooka Coaches & others within the group has been amazing, I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Polo & join an inclusive group to come along & give it a go, you will not be disappointed…


As a non rider and after just 2 years I am able to participate in club chukkas all thanks to a coach who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun who builds confidence.

Kerri Ann

We have absolutely loved joining in with the members of Minninnooka Academy to play chukkas every Friday afternoon. The level of competitiveness and fun are equally balanced and that is what makes it thoroughly enjoyable and keeps us coming back for more! The ponies are super safe and give you as much or as little power as you require. Kristie and Daniel alongside their wonderful team have created a unique environment where you get to experience the sport of polo with the ability to learn lots about the game and horsemanship. This formula helps you to improve week on week and always with a smile.

Charlotte and Raph