As horses age, maintaining their ideal weight becomes a critical aspect of their overall health and well-being. Older horses often face challenges related to digestion, dental health, and decreased nutrient absorption, which can lead to weight loss and related complications. In this article, we will explore effective strategies for keeping weight on older horses, emphasising the importance of proper nutrition, and introducing a revolutionary feed designed specifically for senior equines, Revive Senior by Bluegrass Horse Feed.

1. Assessing Body Condition:

Regularly assessing the body condition of older horses is vital to identifying weight loss and implementing appropriate measures. Utilize body condition scoring systems to evaluate fat deposits, muscle tone, and overall body shape. By monitoring body condition, you can intervene promptly to address any weight loss concerns.

2. Dental Health:

One of the primary reasons older horses struggle with maintaining weight is dental issues. Age-related dental problems can impair the horse’s ability to chew and digest food properly. Schedule regular dental check-ups and address any dental abnormalities promptly. Adjusting the diet to incorporate easier-to-chew feeds, such as soaked hay cubes or pellets, can help maintain weight in older horses.

3. Forage Quality and Quantity:

Forage is a fundamental component of any horse’s diet, and its importance increases with age. Provide older horses with high-quality forage, ensuring it is free from dust, mould, and excessive stems. In cases where hay is not sufficient or of subpar quality, consider alternative options like haylage or soaked hay. Increase the quantity of forage gradually to meet the horse’s energy requirements. 

4. Balanced Diet and Nutritional Supplements:

Older horses often require specific dietary adjustments to compensate for reduced nutrient absorption and changes in metabolism. Work closely with an equine nutritionist to formulate a balanced diet tailored to your horse’s individual needs. Provide a complete feed specifically designed for senior horses, incorporating easily digestible ingredients and balanced levels of protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Revive Senior by Bluegrass Horse Feed is an excellent choice in this regard, as it offers a specialised blend of nutrients to support weight maintenance in older horses.

5. Feeding Frequency and Consistency:

Divide the daily feed ration into smaller, more frequent meals to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption. Older horses may benefit from three to four meals a day, supplemented with snacks like beet pulp or soaked alfalfa cubes. Maintain a consistent feeding schedule to establish a routine that helps optimize the horse’s digestive health.

Keeping weight on older horses is a multifaceted task that requires a comprehensive approach. Regular body condition assessments, attention to dental health, providing high-quality forage, formulating a balanced diet, and utilizing appropriate feeds like Revive Senior by Bluegrass are all crucial steps to ensure the well-being of senior equines. By prioritising the nutritional needs of older horses, we can help them lead healthy and fulfilling lives in their golden years.

This article was supplied to EquineShow247 by John Rymer Equine Sales, Marketing and Customer Support for Bluegrass Horse Feeds