Martin Clunes at Limes Equestrian, Tuesday 8 October 2019
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The British Horse Society (BHS) has today launched a new campaign called ‘Keep Britain Riding’ to safeguard the long-term prospects of the equestrian industry, and to protect and nurture the special horse/human bond for future generations.


This comes after a major threat emerged following a nationwide survey by the BHS, which revealed that over 250 riding schools have closed since 2018, as well as the discovery that proprietors are either retiring and/or unable to recruit enough qualified coaches and yard staff to run their centres.



As a result of these closures, more than 1.5 million riding lessons have now been lost per year. That is 1.5 million fewer opportunities for children and adults to build that indescribable bond with horses; a bond that so many people would be lost without.