Some members of Summerfield Stables who took part in The British Horse Society, BHS National Riding Schools Championships which were held at Onley Ground near Rugby in Warwickshire in the UK on the 5th April 2023

Last Wednesday (5 April), The British Horse Society were honoured to be joined by riding schools from across the country at their annual National Riding School Championships.

The one of a kind competition offers riders who don’t have their own horse the chance to compete at a national championship. The event saw equestrians, of all ages, who ride at BHS Approved Centres compete across the disciplines, including show jumping and stable management.

With more than 70 participants qualifying, the day is a significant celebration of the UK’s riding schools and the great value they bring to people in the local communities.

For those who don’t have direct access to horses, riding centres help to ensure everyone is able to benefit from equestrian education, horse care and welfare, practical riding tuition and more importantly, an inclusive and welcoming environment.

As the lifeblood of equestrian participation, these riding facilities are an essential part of the future of equestrianism.

Sophia Khass, who came away with a first place rosette, said: “I haven’t competed for a good many years, but I’ve really enjoyed being here today in such a friendly, accommodating and inclusive competition.”

While competitor, Kay Wilson commented: “This is a national championship and it’s nice that people from all over the country are here and we all get the chance to compete even though we don’t have our own horse.”

Oonagh Meyer, Head of Approvals at the BHS said: “We want to say congratulations to everyone that competed at the championships. It really was a fantastic day and it was great to see all those, who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to compete, show off the brilliant skills they have learned at their respective riding schools.

Days like these really highlight the valuable work riding centres across the UK do to support all those who have a passion for horses, as well as how truly wonderful the horse/human bond is.”

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