The UK’s largest horse charity, The British Horse Society (BHS) has issued advice to owners asking them to be extra vigilant during this weekend’s hot weather and to make sure their horses have shade, water and high-factor SPF protection. With temperatures soaring, the charity is warning of the dangers to horses from strong UV rays.


Welfare Campaigns Officer for The British Horse Society, Gabby Madders said “Horses are affected by the sun in the same way as humans. So, during hot weather spells a number of steps need to be taken to ensure horses are kept comfortable and healthy. Poor management can lead to lethargy, sunburn and dehydration, and in severe cases heat stroke.


Like paler-skinned and fair-headed humans, horses with flesh-coloured skin and grey or white hair are most susceptible to burning. Horse owners need to ensure high-factor SPF sun cream is applied liberally around sensitive areas, including the nose.”


The British Horse Society also advises that:

  • Horses have constant access to water throughout the day.
  • Fields should have shaded areas, or horses can be left in the stable during the day and turned out overnight.
  • Monitor vital signs and behaviours for heat related illnesses.


The British Horse Society Welfare Team talk further about the importance of looking after your horse in the sun:


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