Leading equestrian charity, The British Horse Society (BHS) have today announced the launch of an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group, comprising of twelve expert individuals from across the inclusion and equine communities.

The establishment of this group is central to the BHS’s overarching vision to make sure all individuals have equal opportunities in the equestrian industry and will be advising the Society on a proposed EDI strategy.

The EDI Advisory Group brings together a varied range of lived experience and significant expertise to provide strategic guidance on the development, implementation and evaluation of the BHS’s approach to equality and diversity, and to offer an external perspective on inclusion and anti-discriminative topics across the Society’s work.

As EDI champions, this group will act as representatives of the BHS and the wider equestrian community, working closely with the BHS Board of Trustees to increase industry participation from all backgrounds, at all levels.

Beverley Simms, Specialist Trustee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at The British Horse Society commented: “Here at The British Horse Society, we are committed to creating more opportunities for all, regardless of age, disability, race, sex or any other characteristic, in order to increase inclusivity and accessibility to equestrianism.

We have a clear mission to create a real inclusive environment across the equine industry, and to ensure those engaged in this industry are treated fairly as they become involved in the animals that we know and love.

To do this, we’re honoured to have the support of our brilliant EDI Advisory Group who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Society, to contribute to making this change happen for the BHS. I, for one, am looking forward to working collaboratively with the group and the BHS team to develop and grow in this area.”

Paralympic Dressage Rider, and BHS Ambassador Natasha Baker OBE said: “Horses have made me who I am today and my main objective working with The British Horse Society is to encourage more people to get into riding. Their mission to create an inclusive environment is going to benefit the industry, and those who may never have had the opportunity or even thought about getting into riding. I know first-hand how much horses give us, and I am looking forward to seeing many more people have the opportunity to experience them too.”

To learn more about the BHS’s equality and diversity group visit: www.bhs.org.uk/edi-group

The British Horse Society:

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