With the world changing to a virtual method since the pandemic, how do businesses make the most of the current methods of the global market to create exposure and brand awareness?

Whether your company is large or small, all require good publicity and exposure to grow their brand. Exhibitions have been the conventional method over the years to gain integrity and get their voice heard.

When attending exhibitions, a company can increase their chances to meet existing and new clients, therefore resulting in winning business and building relationships. For owners of equine companies, exhibitions have usually been the ideal channel for attracting new clients and promoting new products and services. However, with physical exhibitions attendance declining over the last 10 years and exhibition stands becoming more and more expensive, what value does this bring to a company?

Since the pandemic, the world has adapted fast to change with the new ‘normal’ being virtual. With the virtual methods here to stay, how do we find a virtual method to create exposure and brand awareness that is cost effective?

An online exhibition community has been launched in the equine industry, allowing companies to showcase equine suppliers and services bringing the following benefits:

  • A community where there are no restrictive financial barriers to exhibiting.
  • Features such as the latest insights from market leaders and information in the industry.
  • A place where all companies have equal status and a place that is accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world.
  • The ability and flexibility to amend and upload content whenever you wish to a virtual space.
  • From seminars to talks, interviews and blog posts, information at visitor’s fingertips in a virtual exhibition community environment.

Technology has been evolving in the equine industry for some time now, with 3D printing for farriers, advancing technologies in the veterinary sector to sensory pads in tack to help with performance of the horse, all of which have immensely impacted on the progressing world of the equine industry.

With the technology in the equine industry growing and companies looking for the next method of creating exposure and brand awareness, the new virtual exhibition community platform could be the answer it’s been waiting for.


This post was written by Katie Bateman, Founder of EquineShow247